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Seema, 19, shares a poem that speaks volumes about her courage and will to overcome the trauma of abuse!

Look up

Tears running down my face
Hanging my head low down
Thinking what a disgrace.

The hands that I thought would keep me safe
Turned out to put me in shame.

Each time I looked up saying bhai (brother)
You took me back into that time.

That closet started to become a safe place.
Mom would have never digested the fate.

You left me shattered with bruises and scars.
For you it just wasn’t enough.
Now I’m 19, then I was 10…
It took time to realize it wasn’t just a game.

I’m not smiling
But screaming inside.

Wiping the floor
Hiding inside.
That was me
Sometime before.
But now I’m all right.

The chains that once held me are broken by me.
As for society, what could they say?
I ain’t your possession. I ain’t your thing.
I am the person who I am called to be.

Showing grace, showing love
I choose to look up
And do what I love.
Not because I am weak
But flawless and unique
Made perfectly
And given an identity.
And I choose to look up.

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Everything you need to know about Child Sexual Abuse: Boys Edition

Let's not shy away from talking about sexual abuse in boys...
Khubi Amin AhmedTeentalkindia Content Writer

Child Sexual Abuse does not have a gender. It happens to boys just as much as it happens to girls. Either way, sexual abuse is NOT YOUR FAULT.  

While boys are just as likely to be sexually abused as girls, in our country, sexual violence against boys mostly goes under-recognised and under-reported which makes boys even more vulnerable!

Let’s look at what makes boys easy targets for sexual abuse –

  1. Boys are given more freedom than girls in most Indian families when it comes to going to public spaces and interacting with different kinds of people. This increases the chances of you being abused.

  2. Unlike girls, you boys are not always warned about sexual abuse. So you are not as guarded and careful.

  3. Our society puts the burden of living up to the ideals of masculinity on you boys. You are told things like – “Boys don’t cry.” “Don’t cry, are you a girl?” This can make you think twice before reporting sexual assault because you don’t want to look weak.

  4. Boys are often made to feel proud of early sexual activity, even if it is unwanted. The society attaches a sense of achievement and masculinity to early sexual interaction. This makes you treat sex like a game. All this can keep you from reporting sexual violence and makes you an easy target.

Here is what can stop you from reporting sexual abuse but should not –     

  1. It is understandable, there is some social stigma attached to Homosexuality in our country.  This can make you want to hide it from the world if you have been attacked sexually by a man. But it should not stop you from raising an alarm against sexual perpetuators.

  2. Boys in our country are made to believe that only girls need protection but boys are self-reliant. Well, that’s not true. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. You deserve to be protected against sexual assault so make sure you speak up.

  3. Boys are also taught to keep their feelings to themselves and appear like they are always in control and can never be a victim. Don’t let this patriarchal norm stop you from being real and acknowledge what’s wrong and then report it.

“Remember, if you are sexually attacked by a man, it doesn’t necessarily mean you or the perpetrator is gay. Many a times, boys who are perceived as weak and vulnerable are likely to be targeted easily. It’s basically a power-game”, says our in-house Counsellor Kshitija Sawant.

Body protection commandments –

  1. Your body belongs to you, what you say stands.

  2. Talk about private body parts and sex with your parents. There is no shame in it.

  3. Some body parts are private and should remain that way.

  4. Know body boundaries – good and bad touch.

  5. It’s not okay to keep anybody related secret from your parents.

  6. No one can take pictures of your private parts.

  7. Never give in to scary and sexually uncomfortable situations and people who put you in such situations.

  8. Always raise an alarm when someone makes you sexually uncomfortable with their actions, words or behaviour. Talk to your parents.

  9. Put your trust in the right place. We suggest your parents.

  10. Empower yourself with information in the science class about sex and your body but also take precautions in real time.

If you are a victim of abuse and need to talk to an expert for help, you can leave a comment below or get in touch with the counsellor at expert@teentalkindia.com

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